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Enet Crypto Center Limited, a digital currency platform, announces its quarterly financial report preview, expecting to achieve a revenue target of ten billion by 2035.

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Enet Crypto Center Limited, a digital currency platform, announces its quarterly financial report preview, expecting to achieve a revenue target of ten billion by 2035.

November 22
22:16 2023

On November 16th, the global emerging digital currency platform Enet Crypto Center Limited (Enet) released its third-quarter financial report preview. The announcement shows that the revenue exceeded 1.4 billion USD, an increase of 23.8% compared to the same quarter last year. The profit data is 160 million USD, an increase of 11.37% year-on-year. This has exceeded the market and platform shareholders’ expectations. According to the platform’s development situation, Enet’s platform revenue is expected to continue to increase, with a revenue target of ten billion projected for 2035.

The significant role of cryptocurrencies in investors’ decision-making is undeniable. The development of the blockchain industry has also made significant progress. Enet, as a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with continually increasing trading volume, can process orders with minimal delay, offers dozens of trading currencies, and leads in liquidity in the market. The excellent performance in the third quarter is a recognition of Enet, and data shows a noticeable increase in monthly active users globally on the platform.

Regarding this year’s performance, the CEO of Enet commented, “The platform adheres to the philosophy of long-termism, maintaining a lasting focus on the prospects of digital assets. Our revenue growth this quarter is strong, with both digital business and core services maintaining growth. This reflects our deep relevance to customers, industry-leading digital and automated trading capabilities, and the collective efforts of our team members.”

“As reflected in the platform’s revenue momentum, as a transformational and operational partner that customers can trust, we continue to gain market share. Our freedom of compliance and global scale make us the preferred choice for customers’ suppliers. We remain focused on helping businesses, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts discover new value and growth, and improve operational and cost efficiency,” he added.

Assessment agencies expect that with Enet’s capital and strength, it will continue to see revenue growth and achieve profitability for the full year again, possibly reaching a revenue target of ten billion by 2035, becoming a world-class platform. Enet’s emergence will continually unlock greater growth potential and corporate value, driving the development of the blockchain economy and programmable finance, allowing the digital economy market to have more imagination in future development.

The digital economy is increasingly valued, and the company’s business is also improving. Enet plans to continue taking an aggressive approach to business planning. New revenue will also be used to establish new products and services, expand new fields, and continue to build a professional team, especially in technology, regulation and compliance, and customer service areas.

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