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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Zhang Songbai

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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Zhang Songbai

July 23
06:53 2020

The report of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals. 

Introduction of the artist

Zhang Songbai, pseudonym: Daodeng, born in October 1949, Leshan, Sichuan. Founder of China Next Generation Education Foundation Circle Project, academic member and researcher of Hongqi Piaopiao Painting and Calligraphy Institute, national first-class artist, inheritor of non-legacy gouache painting, member of National Studies Cultural Inheritance Working Committee, special artist of China’s State Affairs and Foreign Affairs, president of Emeishan Songbai Painting Institute, and founder of Chinese gouache painting. Masterpiece: Hundreds of giant portraits of world celebrities have been exhibited in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changchun and other major cities in China. Using sketch paper, silk and traditional Chinese painting paper as carriers, adopting focus perspective and dissolving traditional Chinese painting elements, using natural color mineral pigment and black carbon painting powder, and using different techniques to meet different needs is another feature of Mr. Zhang Songbai’s gouache painting creation.

He initiated gouache painting and made new contributions to Chinese and foreign painting art. What is extremely valuable is that the identification of new gouache paintings is not a groundless self-argument, but a cultural merit officially certified by the State Intellectual Property Office! The boundaries of different painting types are mainly different from the differences in materials, tools and creative skills. Zhang Songbai’s gouache painting belongs to the toner nature with the existing toner painting and folk charcoal painting. However, the carriers used in painting process are completely different from silk, sketch paper, rice paper and tool pen, which leads to completely different creative techniques, styles and effects. The picture is extremely delicate and exquisite, which is conducive to vivid portrayal of portraits, and the physical stability of black painting powder and mineral pigment makes the works have precious preservation value as new as ever. Since the Jin Dynasty, Gu Kaizhi put forward the figure painting in the shape of God and the curriculum system of painting creation.

All previous dynasties had masters of vivid figure painting. In the Tang Dynasty: Wu Daozi, Song Dynasty: Liang Kai, Qing Dynasty: Ren Bonian, Modern: Xu Beihong, Jiang Zhaohe. They all pay attention to vivid characters. Portrait painting is a painting that great painters of all ages must pass in depicting figure paintings. Portrait painting is the most difficult course in all previous dynasties. As far as Mr. Zhang Songbai’s gouache paintings are concerned, unlike the famous artists of past dynasties, the huge portraits do not lose their charm, and refine the reappearance of various characters in different times. In the history of Chinese traditional painting, Mr. Song Bai’s gouache portrait has added a precious part. Even after thousands of years, it is as vivid as ever! His portraits of elite figures in human history are celebrated by the world and will never fade, which is the luck in the history of human culture! This is also an important reason why the National Cultural Copyright Patent Office solemnly certifies gouache paintings as new paintings. Mr. Zhang Songbai’s gouache painting research can make continuous progress and development, and make greater contributions to future generations and Chinese traditional painting. 

Work: The statue of Confucius. Size: 160×230 cm, created in June 2020 

Work: Mao Zedong. Size: 79 x 109 cm Created in February 2019 

Work: Qi Baishi. Size: 160x300cm created in April 2009 

Work: Zhang Daqian. Size: 150×260cm 2012 created in November 2012.

Work: Ancient Famous Doctor. Size: 90x130cm Created in May 2009 

Work: Ancient Famous Doctor. Size: 90x130cm Created in May 2009 

Work: Ancient Famous Doctor. Size: 90x130cm Created in May 2009 

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