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PLAN B KRYPTO ASSETS (PLAN) Unveils Innovative Trident Strategy for Comprehensive User Asset Protection

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PLAN B KRYPTO ASSETS (PLAN) Unveils Innovative Trident Strategy for Comprehensive User Asset Protection

November 21
02:13 2023

In a recent interview, Cathie Wood, the founder of Ark Investment Management, expressed unwavering confidence in Bitcoin as a safeguard against potential deflation in the next decade. Wood, known for her optimistic stance on cryptocurrencies, favors Bitcoin over gold or cash, foreseeing its resilience amid broader technological and innovative advancements. She has previously forecasted a Bitcoin price surpassing $1 million in the next decade. Wood also anticipates a convergence between artificial intelligence and Bitcoin, envisioning global-scale microtasking and labor division in ways currently unimaginable.

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, numerous emerging companies and brands have swiftly entered the scene, capturing industry attention. Among them, Germany-based PLAN has rapidly emerged as a standout player in the cryptocurrency industry, showcasing exceptional market performance and establishing itself as a leading digital asset company.

Established in June 2021, PLAN is a German asset management company specializing in digital asset investment. It holds licenses and operates under the supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), with multiple business licenses obtained in the financial field (BaFin Supervision License ID: 160098). In a strategic move, PLAN has entered into a partnership with BERENBERG Bank, Germany’s oldest investment bank. Furthermore, to achieve a global strategic presence, PLAN has forged alliances with prominent entities like Northern Trust Bank in the United States and Kraken Bank in the United States. The anticipation is that these established relationships will contribute significantly to the development of global financial markets in the future.

With its current accomplishments, PLAN’s unique “Trident Strategy” has proven successful in the Bitcoin trading industry, generating and safeguarding wealth for every user. PLAN’s Trident operational model integrates robust trading strategies, AI-driven intelligent trading, and the Schutz Shield guarantee mechanism. The robust trading strategy is a model meticulously developed by a team of elite analysts from around the world, subjected to extensive testing for effectiveness. AI intelligent trading represents an all-encompassing automated trading system implemented by a skilled AI technical team using cutting-edge AI technology, aiming to minimize human errors and enhance transaction accuracy and reliability. Meanwhile, the Schutz Shield guarantee mechanism ensures 100% asset security for users, establishing a risk-free profit model.

In the dynamic landscape of the emerging financial sector, the security of crypto assets becomes a paramount concern. In this market context, PLAN aptly discerns the dynamics and evolution of the crypto market, introducing an innovative “Trident Strategy.” This strategic approach not only earns the trust of users in the market but also exerts influence over the broader development of the encrypted financial market and the transformation of its trading mechanisms. Looking forward, PLAN aspires to construct a comprehensive encrypted financial system, culminating in a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange by 2026. Positioned within the global financial market, PLAN aims to harness the potential of inclusive finance, ushering in positive impacts and transformative changes to the world’s financial system.

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