Delhiites Observe First Fog of the Season

November 30 13:55 2016

fogNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 30 – Fog blanketed the capital city early today, taking the residents by surprise. Till yesterday, people were talking about speedy winds and intense heat what they were noticing from the last few days. But mood of the weather changed all of a sudden.

Thick fog made visibility to drop in the early hours. When many thought of waking up to a clear morning as usual, they were surprised by the first hint of winter’s arrival. The iciness also made them get geared up for cold season that has already arrived. Dampness on Wednesday is to be 52 per cent. 27 degree Celsius is the maximum temperature, whereas 13 degree Celsius is the minimum temperature. Speed of the wind is to be 11 km per hour. Sunshine observed during the midday brought relief for the masses.

Here is to mention that foggy times could be a problem in the coming days as low visibility on roads, runways given that railway tracks creates pose risk for the commuters travelling via various means. More to the point, both thin and thick blanket of fog compels populace stay careful while driving or commuting from one place to other. Not a new news to tell that Delhi is popular for its biting cold. Those who reside in the national capital and nearby regions are well aware with the fact that piercing cold conditions may bother living creatures in the coming weeks, completely throwing life out of the gear.

As of now, the dropping mercury is going to set base for good weather ahead but here is to mention that cancellation or delay of flights and trains may leave travellers with no option apart from bearing the brunt. Climate is to go colder steadily. Shivers will be a common picture during early December. Nights are to get chilly. No wonder if drop in temperature is observed in a little while in various places. According to latest available information, winter will not be warm as it was last year.

So far, temperature in various cities of Uttar Pradesh hasn’t dropped much but picture may be different soon. Winter conditions are usually harsh and become intolerable for homeless and underprivileged.  Temporary shelters are mode of survival for many living beings. Before peak winters knock at the doors, most the inhabitants want to accumulate stuffs for swift survivals to keep their lives on track.