Icy Feel Slightly Vanishes thanks to Immense Heat in Early Hours

November 29 15:01 2016

delNew Delhi, Tuesday, November 29 – After a slight change in weather conditions in the previous weeks, a lot of people thought the nature is setting base for early winter. Wintry chill was observed in several parts of the capital city during early and late hours of the day. Air blew in speed to add to the freeze both in morning and at night time. But hardly they had any idea of waking up to sunny morning with intense heat, especially when winter season is here.

Despite the fact that chances of temperature to fall remain in picture, boosting the thought about cooler days in the coming days, the majority of people faced scorching heat, covering themselves to a certain extent to avoid ultraviolet radiations, which give birth to several skin problems. As per latest available reports, maximum and minimum temperatures during night have also shot up to some point.

The heat observed in the past two days gives the feel as if summertime is here. Nonetheless, the mercury is expected to get a bit down during early December. But since there is no any possibility of rainfall in the near term, steep drop in temperature isn’t likely. From this week, humidity is to vary between 34 per cent and 54 per cent. Besides this, speed of wind will increase from 6 km per hour to 13 km per hour. This may probably bring the chilly feel back in the capital city. The amount of heat will reduce slightly soon. Residents who are exposed to heat at the present would soon see foggy mornings. But as of now, clear sky will welcome them at least for a week.

It was a tad surprising to notice wind keeping most of the populace indoors on many occasions. Problems were especially for those who have to commute on a daily basis to earn their bread and butter. The wintry weather left many with dry skin. Not to forget that a number of states reeled under hot conditions during summery months. As expected earlier, it is likely to notice freezing winters in the coming weeks. Picture is to change steadily at various places after a few mountainous regions received snowfall. However, mostly sunny and warm days are probable in the current week. Many of the Delhiites are enjoying spending time under the sun. Higher temperature is to drop from 28 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius, while lower from 12 degree Celsius to 11 degree Celsius.

Even though iciness has slightly decreased but residents will not be able to save themselves from the same climatic conditions for a long time. Change in weather, on one hand, is making a few excited, and letting many falling sick, on the other hand. Cases of cold and cough are on the rise these days once again. Doctors continue to advise people not to eat anything that is sold in open and prepared without following any guidelines about cleanliness and hygiene. Besides this, they ask people of all age groups to start keep themselves covered and not avoid going without layers to nil the possibility of feeling down due to transition in weather.