Demonetisation Continues to Trouble Masses

November 23 11:25 2016

bankNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 23 – People residing in different parts of the nation are eager to see some cash in their hands that can be used to buy groceries and products that are needed in every house. It is not that everybody is complaining about standing in the queue for a long time.

There are many who think the step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is correct. According to them, “things will take time to improve”. What all they ask for is the banks should give them money when their turns come. There are a lot of people who did not get a penny despite queuing for several hours outside banks and nearest ATM.

Vegetables are sold at inexpensive rates these days. Veggie sellers have no option but to trust regular customers, who promise of giving the money as soon as change comes in their hands. Those who have got INR 2000 note are facing the problem for getting the change in return. Several inhabitants are going with the option of digital payments as much as possible but still they want to have smaller currency notes to use it at the places where online payment is not an option. The serpentine line outside ATMs and banks may get bigger if the masses carry on facing cash crunch for a few more days.