Sunlit Week in November-end likely to Greet Delhiites

November 22 14:17 2016

sunnyNew Delhi, Tuesday, November 22 – Temperature is following slight up and down trend this week and likelihood of the same remains for next few days. Sunshine is keeping the masses warm during the daytime. Plenty of sun is making the daytime turn hot.

Weather is to change to a certain extent during the start of December, dropping both higher and lower temperatures up to some notches. The Delhi regions are to receive abundant sunlight. No shower chances are seen but coolness will steadily increase. As a matter of fact, the weather conditions are to be comforting and this is to stay for a while, letting people enjoy arrival of early winter.

Here is to mention that November-end is going to be soothing and introduce a lot of comfort for the living creatures. As far as present temperature is kept in mind, early and late hours of the days are to hide some chill. The middle of the day will help many get the vitamin D through best source of it. Not to forget that the northern regions of the country bore the brunt of searing heat during the summer months.

It also received rainfall but not often. However, whenever it rained, streets of the city were submerged under water, quenching the thirst of soil and creating a mess for commuters, at the same time. Most of the lanes in the national capital with puddles troubled populace even though it did not rain for so long in continuation. Key roads linking to airport, bus stands and railway station sunk, causing a lot of problems for the passengers. Humidity is to increase from 34 per cent to 45 per cent from Tuesday till Sunday. Speed of the wind will go steeply up from 13 km per hour to 18 km per hour in the same time frame, adding to the chill.

The climate is to turn pleasant after sun starts to hide due to weather transition, which is probable to put a ceiling on the mercury. People living in Delhi, Jaipur, Meerut, Allahabad, Lucknow etc. are confident that winter will be felt at its extreme unlikely last year. To cut a long story short, winter season will be enjoyable for some if all measures to beat the chill are adopted. The new month is also expected to begin on a wintry note, letting people enjoy the calmness that is felt right after the end of summer season.